The team

Dane Bennett Walter | President

Business Development

Dane has been a working entrepreneur and consultant since 2007 and entered into the Web 3 space in 2013. Having worked on dozens of projects since joining the industry, he brings a unique and varied perspective on client needs and tooling towards successful launches.

In his free time he loves spending time outdoors with his dog Charlie, riding his mountain bike, and swimming in exotic waters.

Kevin Murphy | Chief Technical Officer

Development Operations

Kevin has been working in software engineering and development since 2015 and transitioned into web3 and blockchain development in early 2019. Having worked on a large scope of complex projects, Kevin is focused on the continued growth of Web3 technologies and oversees the technical direction of Blanq.

In his spare time he enjoys writing smart-contracts, losing all his money in defi, and playing Elden Ring.

Brad Weidner | Chief Operating Officer


Brad has been working in the Finance industry since 2014 with a strong interest in Web 3 and Blockchain technologies since 2012. Having implemented strong Risk Management procedures and operational oversight protocols, he has ensured the longevity and safety of several projects.

You can find him spending his free time traveling, hiking, making art, or giving some quality cuddling time to his pet chickens and two dogs, Heidi and Bucket.

Ben Hammond | Chief Marketing Officer

Design and Marketing

With a background in software development, graphic design and marketing: Ben has been developing, designing and promoting brands since 2016. His varied skillset allows him to take clients ideas and turn them into fully working products, services and experiences.

When not making other peoples ideas a reality, Ben enjoys listening to podcasts, making people laugh and breathing.